Global Deeksha April 12/13, 2020

Hosted by Preethaji & Krishnaji Live Here on their YouTube Channel

First session:

India:         Monday April 13 10:00 am

Hawai'i:     Sunday April 12   6:30 pm

California: Sunday April 12   9:30 pm

Denver:     Sunday April 12  10:30 pm

New York: Monday April 13 12:30 am

Other locations click here

Second session:

India:         Monday April 13  6:00 pm

Hawai'i:     Monday April 13  2:30 am

California: Monday April 13  5:30 am

Denver:     Monday April 13  6:30 am

New York: Monday April 13  8:30 am

Other locations click here

Please sign up on their official signup page. For signup they require you to have the Telegram app, which is a secure messenger. You can install the app on your phone easily. It is highly recommended to do so, so you can get future communications from Preethaji and Krishnaji.

Because this app is rarely used in the USA, and many of us are not at ease with installing apps, here is the information you would receive through Telegram:

Dear Deeksha giver,

Congratulations. You are here in this group to receive information about the deeksha event on 13th of April.

Until the 13th of April, the day of deeksha, every deeksha giver should connect to the divine in their hearts and ask for the gift of compassion to grow in them.

Kindly find a special compassion meditation for you from Preethaji.

You can access the meditation on our Breathing Room Meditation platform over here .

You can find the links to join the event on April 13th over here -


DATE: APRIL 13th, 2020

TIME: 10.00am to 11.00am IST / 6.00pm to 7.00pm IST

Link to join in English:

Before we move forward, for a few moments let us connect to the purpose of deeksha and why you became a Deeksha giver.

You were passionate about being instrumental in awakening humanity to the divine within.

You wanted to be awakened and sought to serve the vision of enlightening human consciousness.

You wanted to heal the world and contribute to the emergence of a peaceful world.

Deeksha is the divine phenomenon. If 100s of 1000s of us can come together at the same time and give deeksha, we can invite immeasurable grace to heal the planet of this disease. We can work a miracle on this planet.

The global Deeksha event with Preethaji and Krishnaji on the 13th of April is a time for the power of Divine to flow through you to heal the world.

1. Our first Deeksha will be for protection for all the health care professionals and front liners who are serving during this crisis.

2. Our second Deeksha will be for your soul circle - for the well being of all the people with whom you are karmically connected.

3. Our third Deeksha will be for all humanity to be healed in their bodies and consciousness and for this crisis to pass from the Earth.

Preethaji and Krishnaji will also be guiding us into a new form of Deeksha on this sacred occasion.

Note: You will receive email reminder to join the special event on April 12th.

Looking forward to see you all on April 13th, 2020.

Thank you,
Team - Ekam.